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Goodbye, My Dearest

You were a rock. A permanent fixture in my life. How terrible a thing it was, that I had to let you go. I knew it was time. I couldn’t let you continue on, letting the kidney disease and arthritis begin to affect your quality of life so poorly. As soon as you became incontinent, […]

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Happy Happy Trails

It’s hard to say goodbye, when you’ve emotionally invested yourself in something. There’s a tendency to immerse yourself to a point that you feel that there’s a turning point just around the corner. It will change soon, you think. It will get better, just wait and see. But that’s not always the truth. It doesn’t […]

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Happy Trails

It’s been a few weeks now, so I feel comfortable letting the world know I’ve moved on from Tivoli, and am now in the parallel position at Cigar City Brewing. It’s tough leaving the life you know, move to what is possibly the antithesis of the city and lifestyle you knew, and slam face-first into […]

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Ask A Scientist Podcast

I guess I was interviewed on Ask A Scientist Podcast. It’s a really cool science podcast for kids and their parents – but I think I was there mostly for the parents.

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Any Coverage is Good Coverage?

There’s a story about me and my DaeGee collab in Westword!

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Done and Dusted

My time at Tivoli Brewing Company has come to a close. It’s unfortunate that my end at the brewery is due to the COVID19 pandemic. Without the ability to generate income from the taproom, the brewery became reliant on an income stream devastated by the aluminum can shortage that is hitting the entire nation. I […]

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Black Mead Matters?

It’s winter. Does anyone actually make a black mead, or a black braggot and then add spices? I have no idea – I suppose a cursory internet search could tell me, but I’m lazy. It’s winter after all. Maybe I’ll go for broke with a braggot. A black spiced braggot. 300 °L belgiann candy sugar […]

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CBG Summit 11.17.2020

Looks like I’m giving another talk on kveik yeast with Matthew Peetz from Propagate Lab. I guess if people care, they can sign up at the Colorado Brewers Guild website to watch the virtual presentation on Zoom. Whoop whoop.

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So I guess I’m now the director for the entire brewery. I’m not going to complain – it’s a great gig. I enjoy my job immensely, despite the constant duress. That being said, it’s also strange to be working in craft beer when the pandemic and the world is in a state of uncertainty beyond […]

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A Throwback to the Future

Building up a beer recipe from scratch is always a challenge. It can be as terrifying as it can be fun – especially when your neck is on the line. And so it is with a recipe I’ve committed to building for a collaboration partner for our brewery. It’s a potential mainstay beer at our […]