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I had a chance to get away and try to take my mind off the chaos of my life: fishing the Yampa and repping Tivoli!

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A Little Sour. A Little Sweet.

Describing a beer as bittersweet is always a little odd for some, and I can understand why that might be the case. Beer, as a beverage, is replete with words like “malty,” or “full-bodied,” and “rich.” Beer as a beverage doesn’t revel in terms like “sweet,” as most sugars are being fermented out of the […]

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Missing Something

It’s safe to say that, given the relative constant of beer in my career choices, I have a meaningful attachment to beer. That’s not to say that I’m a crazy alcoholic (that period of my life known as “graduate school” has come and gone), but that I have spent a long time thinking about beer […]