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Happy Trails

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It’s been a few weeks now, so I feel comfortable letting the world know I’ve moved on from Tivoli, and am now in the parallel position at Cigar City Brewing.

It’s tough leaving the life you know, move to what is possibly the antithesis of the city and lifestyle you knew, and slam face-first into something a hundred times bigger than you knew before. All with the same problems, same kinds of personalities, and issues you saw at a smaller brewery, but magnified by many orders of magnitude.

Welcome to craft.

Thankfully, it’s all the stuff I know, and all the stuff I was already doing – I just have to do it with an org hundreds, if not a thousand, times larger than Tivoli. It’s terrifying, but I think I’ll manage.

In the meantime, please drink Cigar City beer whenever you can. Drink as much as you can, but also drink responsibly.